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A coursework refers to the components which are identified by a syllabus which is assessed by the school’s teachers. Following are the types of coursework:

  1. Essay: Like the other pieces of writing, essays include the general structure: introduction, body, and the conclusion
  2. Long essay: It is always composed on a subject chosen in the discussion and agreed with the teacher.
  3. Presentations: These are allotted in the class and are usually followed by evaluations. If a student submits the presentation as coursework, he/she should take account of the assessment form, the write-up and the comments of the lecturer.
  4. Review: A review can be an analyzed discussion of a book, film, article or a program. Reviews include 50-100 word outline of the work, a short-term evaluation of the main points and its key themes.
  5. Interviews: Students can be asked to conduct various interviews with the individuals and groups. Students should be able to explain why and how they have chosen their interview, what questions they asked and also the criteria to evaluate the answers of the interviewee.

Coursework comprises of the work for which the experiment, theme or parameters of a project have been set by the professor or specified in the course outline or chosen by the students only. No matter how intelligent a student is, he/she struggles in writing their coursework. Some of the difficulties faced by the students are:

  1. Writing is not speaking. It is one of the reasons why students struggle because while they are writing the coursework they do not have a chance to read other person’s body language. No matter how fluently a student speaks, it does not mean that he/she will write properly.
  2. Grammar: Students ignore the grammar while writing their coursework. They make mistakes while using the verbs and the tenses.
  3. Vocabulary: This is another issue for the students. They do not have a rich vocabulary and thus face problems in composing a coursework of high-quality.

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