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An essay is a piece of write-up which presents the own argument of the author. Essays are defined in a number of ways. One such definition of an essay is a ‘composition of writing style with a focused subject of discussion’. It can also be defined as an elongated and methodical discourse. Traditionally, the essays have been categorized as formal and informal. Formal essays are classified by a serious objective, dignity, rational organization, length, etc. But the informal essays are classified by the personal elements like individual experiences, private manner, humor, elegant style, etc. Essays entail a number of features like political strategies, fictional criticism, and interpretations of daily life, reminiscences, and considerations of the author. To write a contemporary essay, a student should write it in a particular style. The idea of an “essay” is prolonged to other methods beyond writing. A film essay is a type which integrates documentary film production styles and also focuses on the evolution of an idea or a particular topic. A photographic essay is a type which covers up a topic with a connected series of pictures which have accompanying captions and texts. Writing an essay is often considered very challenging for the students these days. They undergo following problems while composing an essay:

  1. Getting started is one of the major difficulties that the students run into. This is because students start writing before pre-research.
  2. Writing a thesis statement is also very challenging for the students and they try to avoid it. They should make sure that they write a specific statement for their essay.
  3. They are not able to discover relevant data for their essays.
  4. Students tend to make mistakes in formatting and citing their essays. They also make mistakes in grammar, punctuation, and the spellings.

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