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The word “dissertation” is originally derived from the Latin word ‘dissertare’, which means “to debate”. A debate is a discussion which implicates different viewpoints or set of ideas. Therefore, a dissertation will not only scrutinize a specific subject but also review its different viewpoints. The dissertation can also be defined as a protracted written text document of a particular subject. Here is another definition of the dissertation which puts emphasis on the significant characteristics of a dissertation or a research project. It is a significant paper which is generally based on authentic investigation and also gives substantiation of the candidate’s subject. A research project will display that the writer knows the subject properly, its key facts and different opinions on it. Following things should be kept in mind while writing a dissertation:

  1. Voice: Students should use active verbs in their dissertation.
  2. Tense: Writing in the present tense is very necessary.
  3. Grammar and logic: Students should be careful about the subject of their sentence. There should be a rational flow in the composition and there should be no grammatical errors
  4. Terminology: When a student defines the terminology for the ideas and concepts, they should be careful to decide exactly what the idea will translate.

Writing a dissertation is the most menacing task a student has to accomplish while studying. It is followed by a multiple number of adversities. To name a few of them:

  1. Students waste a considerable amount of time in avoiding it. The more they ignore it, closer the deadline gets. They do not prioritize their tasks and waste time in sleeping and being a social monster.
  2. No matter how dedicated a student is, he/she will drift away from their dissertation because they consider it as a boring work.
  3. Students also have other important assignments to finish and they find no time to focus on the dissertation.

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