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Any topic which can be methodically explained is known as essay. Normally essay is an academic explanation on a given topic by faculties to students. Students need to find facts about the topic and decide the right style to present the essay. In reality an essay is one such content which asks for the opinion of a student on given subject. It’s not a representation of facts only but of what needs to be concluded with an opinion which is just of the writer. Here opinion needs to be both personal and academic. Academic opinion targets research management, technical approach towards understanding issues and inspecting evidences. It ought to have a goal with guided rationale as well as rational approach of thinking. Similarly personal opinion covers student’s emotions, experiences and individual perspective of writer. Essays are subjective by nature. Composing a decent essay is really not simple it is not just studying and afterward penning down accessible thoughts. It’s a typical content which covers different thought process and narrows down to the opinion of students. Another key feature of an essay is that it’s content with limited words are never crossing more than 2500 to 300 words. Essay assignments are given to students at all levels of education. Quality essay writing is not an easy job as even the best students also get confused in deciding as to what style will be right for presentation. Some of the commonly found issues experienced by students at the time of essay presentation are:

  1. Collection of data on the essay topic seems difficult
  2. Lack of knowledge about right source of information for writing an essay
  3. Confused idea about concept explanation technique of essay
  4. Issues in drafting an essay in an interactive way
  5. Time management is another big problem while writing an essay
  6. Fear and anxiety of failure

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