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An essay is a piece of write-up which meticulously analyses and assesses a subject matter or an issue. Primarily, students are allotted to write an essay so that they write their academic opinion on a specific matter. If a student wants the essay to be substantial and make some sense, then he/she should present it in a well-organized manner. They need to clear about the general structure of essays. Following points will outline these elements:

  1. Introduction: An introduction is a general statement or it can be said that it is an orientation to the subject matter of the essay. It includes a strong thesis statement to support the topic and its argument. It will give a short and brief summary of the points and the arguments made in the essay.
  2. Body paragraphs: In a general essay format, there are three paragraphs. Long essays comprise of five paragraphs. The three paragraph will support the thesis statement. They will explain or expand the arguments made in the thesis statement.
  3. Conclusion: It is also called the restatement. It is the summary of the arguments made in the essay paragraphs. The conclusion should end with a strong comment.

Even though how easy an essay seems to be, it is still a tough task to accomplish. Despite what the instructor thinks, it is impossible for the students to write an essay in a short span of time. Students face issues like:

  1. When they sit down to compose an essay, they do not have any motivation.
  2. Some students think like they have made progress in their essay but literally, they only have written the heading.
  3. After long hours of school, students feel exhausted to complete their essays and this leads to incomplete work.
  4. Students do not have the appropriate knowledge to write their essays.

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