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The task assigned by the teacher which has to be completed outside the classroom is known as homework. Homework is as old as the birth of the education system. The reason behind the origin of homework is to establish an unbreakable link between the student and the teachings of the classroom. All the students whether in the nursery or in college have to complete a certain amount of homework every day to have the full knowledge of the subject and also to be in touch with the current status of learning and teaching as carried out by the teacher. The student can improve and enhance the chances of achievement by actively practicing and participating in the task instructed to be done at home. It serves as an opportunity which allows the parents to know what their children are learning in school and college. Homework can be considered as a common link that connects the three important pillars of the education system, i.e. teachers, parents, and students. It is an excellent platform which helps the teacher mark and monitors the individual progress of the student. For the students, it is a chance to gain the appreciation and extra credits for doing homework regularly and submitting it on time. The students across the globe have to complete more than one or two homework every day which most of them do not enjoy. The problems that the students face in completing homework are:

  1. There is more than one subject in which homework is given and students do not have the time to invest in all.
  2. Lack of attention in the class leads to the construction of half informative homework.
  3. Incomplete notes and irrelevant sources of information is another drawback to the assigned task.
  4. Poor grammar construction and use of informal language rob the homework of the impression that it would have had otherwise on the teacher.

Skipping deadlines and not submitting any homework at all also lands the students into grave troubles.
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