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A paper analyzes a point of view or argues a point on a particular topic or subject. When students write academic papers, they must try to find a topic which is relevant and appropriate. A writer should present the readers with a sophisticated argument. To draft a well-informed argument, students must try to find out what they know about a particular subject from what they think about a subject. Paper writings are basically expanded essays which present the viewpoint regarding the topic students are dealing with. Paper writing is provided to students at the end of their academic terms to create a writing piece, investigating their subject to grasp deep knowledge about a particular subject matter. It helps students to thoroughly discover on a chosen topic, it requires extensive research to complete the papers so that students can easily deal with arguments with a proper explanation on any question asked. A paper is not a summary of students collected material, rather it is a dissection of all knowledge and that students have and also the research of argument provided by them regarding the topic. It gives an opportunity to explore a viewpoint or provides an argument related to the points of a particular topic.
It is really difficult for the students to manage all the activities they are going through in their daily life. Students go through a lot of assignments of other subjects as well as their end-term examinations. They cannot complete their work within a deadline set by the universities. Time management is basically is the common problem students are facing. Students spend their lot of time doing research work that is of no use because they do not have any idea what they are looking for. Other common problems are grammatical errors, spelling mistakes no proper use of the verb, subjects etc.
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