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A thesis or a dissertation is a type of prolonged composition which involves personal research. It is written by a candidate for a university level gradation. There are ways by which a student can know if he/she has created a solid thesis. To know that, they should try the following five tests:

  1. Does the thesis will inspire the reader to ask questions like “How” and “Why”?
  2. Would a reader respond with “Who cares” or “so what”?
  3. Does the thesis will evade the common phrases or sweeping words like “none”, “all” or “every”?
  4. Would a reader be lead towards the topic sentences?
  5. Can the thesis be sufficiently developed in an obligatory length of the academic project?

If the students are not able to answer a “Yes” to such questions, they should alter their thesis and pass these tests. Now, the question arises how to brainstorm a thesis. Students need to follow these steps:

  1. Select a relevant topic
  2. Ask interesting questions
  3. Revise that question into the thesis
  4. Make sure that the claim is preliminary

A good thesis is always contestable and proposes a point which can be argued. A strong thesis is challenging and takes a stand of the discussion.
Writing a thesis is not as easy as it seems to be. It requires constant efforts and hard work of a student. Students encounter various challenges while writing their thesis. Some of the issues are as follows:

  1. Introduction: it is the most important part of a thesis and students are not able to write a good introductory paragraph for their thesis. It is always recommended that the students write the introduction at the end of their project.
  2. Relevant data: They are not able to find suitable data to write their thesis. They are not able to find the primary and secondary sources of information.

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